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Writing Center: FAQ

The BU Writing Center is here to help you!

Contact Info and Website

  • How do I access the schedule to make an appointment?
    • See how to make appointments by watching this playlist of short videos, and register for a Writing Center account using your Bellevue University email address here. 

Grammarly Premium

  • Do students and staff have access to Grammarly Premium?
    • Yes, we do! Follow the instructions below.
      • It’s necessary to use the school email account—a personal account won’t work!
      • After you sign in, you should check to see if the blue “EDU” ribbon is in the upper left of the screen.
      • If you have already signed up for Grammarly using a email, you must delete your account and register again using the link found below.
      • If Grammarly redirects you to a page without a sign-in section, you may want to use a private window or clear your cookies.
      • Sign up by following this link or click on the link on our Writing Center webpage (available after you sign in). 


  • What is a good reference for APA (or MLA) help?
    • Purdue OWL APA guidelines are here, and a sample APA paper is here. Purdue OWL MLA guidelines are here
    • Check out Bellevue University’s LibGuides here for further help in citing sources.


  • I must research. How do I access the library databases?
    • Follow this link here.
    • Also, you may visit the library in person and ask for help! See this link for a campus map.

Common Questions

  • Why won’t you proofread my paper?
    • While we won’t proofread or edit your paper, we will point out error patterns and examples so that you learn to identify them on your own.
    • We recognize there are varied ways of communicating. We will help you identify the best way to communicate in your current context.

  • Is the Writing Center only for remedial writers?
    • No, the Writing Center is for writers of all levels (including those first starting their courses all the way up to those completing their graduate degrees and beyond).