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Libraries and Accessibility: ADA

A way to access resources for Bellevue University Library patrons who have disabilities.

How To Use

What is the Accessibility Adjustments Widget? 

The Accessibility Adjustments Widget is a small blue widget that pops up on the landing pages of the library website as well as the main Bellevue University website. It allows you to access Bellevue University Library resources in a way that is most beneficial to your needs.

This Widget features:

  • Seizure Safe Profile
  • Vision Impaired Profile
  • Cognitive Disability Profile
  • ADHD Friendly Profile
  • Screen-Reader for Visually Impaired Users
  • Keyboard Navigation (Motor)
  • You can adjust the fond, the height of the lines, the alignment of the lines, highlight titles, links, magnify text in general.
  • The ability to change the color of the text is also available which may be beneficial if some color schemes are too similar for viewing.
  • Orientation Adjustments. You can mute sounds, hide images, switch read mode on. Create a reading guide, stop the animations, change the cursor to a large black or white cursor for easier navigation, create a reading mask as well as highlight hover and focus.