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Locating Peer Reviewed Articles

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Peer reviewed journals are scholarly journals which publish only articles that have been reviewed and approved by scholars in the author's field or area of expertise. Peer reviewed journals are also called refereed journals.

What is the difference between a scholarly journal and a peer reviewed journal?

All peer reviewed journals are scholarly, but not all scholarly journals are peer reviewed. Scholarly journals contain articles written by experts in the field and are directed toward an academic audience, but may not require that these articles undergo the review process. Scholarly journals are published by academic organizations and their main purpose is to report research in the field. Many, but not all, are peer reviewed.

How can I find peer reviewed journal articles using the BU Library databases?

The library has several journal databases, including the ProQuest and EBSCOhost, databases, that contain articles from peer reviewed journals, as well as other types of publications. You can find peer reviewed articles by following these steps:

Mark the "Scholarly Journals" option.

EBSCOhost calls this "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" but don't be confused by this; it really means scholarly journals including peer reviewed. ProQuest has a "Peer Reviewed" option, but like EBSCOhost, it often includes scholarly journals as well as peer reviewed.

Enter your search terms and mark any other options you desire, such as "Full Text."

Choose an article from the results list and find the journal title in the article information.

Check this title in UlrichsWeb to see if it is peer reviewed. Access this by clicking on A-Z Database List under Find on the library homepage, then click on  UlrichsWeb. Now enter the journal title in the search box.

If you see the refereed symbol, next to the title name, this journal is peer reviewed.


All articles contained in the PsycARTICLES database are from peer reviewed journals, so there is no need to mark any options or check UlrichsWeb. You can also find PsycARTICLES  on the A-Z Database List .