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Problem Solving Toolbox

Welcome to the Bellevue University Problem Solving Toolbox. This toolbox is designed to provide you quick reference to a variety of resources as you refine your problem solving skills and complete your assignments.

The Inquiry and Analysis tab provides resources for systematically collecting and analyzing evidence to explore issues in an effort to make informed conclusions and judgments.

In the Problem Solving Methods tab you will find strategies and methods to help you solve complex problems. This includes steps for understanding a problem, brainstorming possible solutions, devising solutions, executing solutions, and evaluating the results.

The Critical Thinking tab contains tools and resources for interpreting information, analyzing assumptions, evaluating evidence, discerning patterns, and grasping abstract ideas.

Use the Creative Thinking tab to find resources that help you combine or synthesize existing ideas, images, or expertise in original ways. References for how to think, react, and work; along with imaginative ways to reach a high degree of innovation, divergent thinking, and risk taking are included.

The Quantitative Literacy tab provides tools for working with numerical data. Resources are provided to help you solve quantitative problems from a wide array of contexts and everyday life. This includes tools and methods for communicating numerical data in a variety of formats such as tables, and graphs.

Resources in the Digital Literacy tab contain references for using computers, email, spreadsheets, imaging, search engines and other tools commonly used in the digital age.

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