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Collaboration Toolbox: Intrapersonal Skills

Intrapersonal Skills tool

Intrapersonal Skills are talents or abilities that reside within the individual and aid him or her in problem solving (National Research Council (US) Committee on the Assessment of 21st Century Skills, 2011).

Employers want to have people who can cope with uncertain, new, and rapidly changing conditions on the job.  This includes responding effectively to emergencies or crisis situations and learning new tasks, technologies, and procedures.  The ability to handle work stress, adapt to different personalities, and communication styles, and cultures is also critical (National Research Council (US) COmmittee on the Assessment of 21st Century Skills, 2011).

In this section you will find important resources on adaptability, self-management/ development, initiative, self-confidence, resilience, and perseverance.

Source: National Research Council (US) Committee on the Assessment of 21st Century Skills. (2011). Assessing Intrapersonal Skills. In Assessing 21st century skills: Summary of a workshop (4). Retrieved from


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