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Copy of Google Scholar

Advanced Scholar Search

Advanced Scholar Search: 

Google Scholar has an academic style advanced search function. This allows the user to search directly for an author or publisher, as well as use boolean search logic to include or exclude results that include certain phrases. 

To access the advanced search feature, click the drop-down arrow in the search box. The Advanced Scholar Search will appear. 

Advanced Search

Cited by

Cited By: 

The "Cited by" feature is a very useful search function with Google Scholar. This allows the user to limit their search results to items that cite a particular source. Each search result in Google Scholar will have a "Cited by" link. In this example, the following article has been cited by 6,261 sources. To see these sources, simply click the "Cited by" link. 

Cited by

Facets and "My Library"



Facets allow the user to narrow the scope of their search results. After a Google Scholar search has been performed, the  facet options will appear to the left of the search results. 

The facets can be used to limit the results to a certain publishing date, or to sort by the most recent articles. The user may  also choose to exclude patents and citations from their results. 

My Library: 

Google Scholar includes a "My Library" feature, which allows the user to save articles to their personal Google Account. To  save an  article to "My Library," click the save link beneath the search result. 

These saved articles can be accessed by clicking the "My Library" link on facet panel. 

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