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Enabling Bellevue University Library Links from Off-Campus

Bellevue University Library Links:

Some Bellevue University library holdings can be accessed through Google Scholar. These items are identified by a "Full-text @ Bellevue" link, located to the right of the record in the Google Scholar search results. 

Example Record:

Full-Text @ Bellevue

While on campus, these links to Bellevue University Library holdings are automatically visible. To make these links visible while off-campus, Bellevue University library access links need to be manually enabled. 

To enable these links, follow the following simple steps: 

1. Go to

2. Click the "Gear" settings icon at the top of the page. 

3. Click "Library Links" 

4. Search for Bellevue University and select the check-mark box next to the search result. 

5. Click "Save" 

Bellevue University Library Links should now be enabled.