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New Student Orientation: Student Organizations

Participating in online orientation is the first step to become a successful Bellevue University student. This guide will help ease your transition to BU by helping you become familiar with the services available to you!

Welcome to Student Organizations

Joining a student organization is a simple process...and a rewarding one. Organizations provide you a peer group of students with similar interests; which can become a support system for your educational journey, an outlet to be engaged in the campus community, or to simply have some fun!

8 Things You Can Get Out of It —

  • Joining a student organization is simple and expands your network
  • Work and play together with students of similar interests
  • Being part of an organization gives you a support system for your educational journey
  • Reap the rewards of being part of something bigger
  • Get to know the campus community
  • Socialize - clubs are an outlet to have some fun!
  • Gain a host of skills and leadership experiences
  • Enhance your education and career with diverse experiences by trying something new!

Student Organizations

Contact Information

Durham  Building