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New Student Orientation: Residence Life

Participating in online orientation is the first step to become a successful Bellevue University student. This guide will help ease your transition to BU by helping you become familiar with the services available to you!

Welcome to Residence Life!

Student Housing

Bellevue University has some student housing opportunities available through our Residence and Student Life Department. Student housing at Bellevue University is intended to facilitate an engaged and supportive community of peers for undergraduate, degree-seeking students. Students who are eligible to be enrolled as full time undergraduate student, under the age of 24, will receive priority placement. Pending availability, accommodations may be provided for graduate students. At this time, married or family housing is not available.

Dining Services

Bellevue University dining services provide the campus community with a delicious variety of options, located in the Student Center. Dining services is open daily during the weekdays. Students can purchase a meal plan on their student account or pay cash or card per a meal.

Student Housing

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