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Where Can I Find?: Career Coaching

I just started my degree, do I need to start thinking about a career now?

Yes.  You may not know what major you want or the job you would like, but it is important to begin the process of exploring your interests and values while seeking out information on your career options.  If you have a major or are already working in your field, don't wait until you are almost ready to graduate to obtain an internship, create a resume, prepare for that promotion or plan a job search.  Begin now.  Early preparation is key in helping you realize your career goals.  Career Coaching can assist you.

Where can I find help in choosing a career/deciding what career is right for me?

Career Coaching provides individual coaching and assessment to help you make career decisions.  Please call or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer career testing that will help me choose a career?

Yes, although, they are not really tests.  Career Coaching uses several assessment instruments that can help, in conjunction with one-on-one coaching.  Call or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

How can I access the FOCUS program that's posted on Career Coaching website?

Call or email Career Coaching for the access code.

How can I learn more about career options/job possibilities that might be a fit for me?

One of the best sites for researching career options is Career Insider powered by Vault. This site contains a wealth of information on a variety of career fields, employers, "day in the life" articles by those working the field, and much more.  To access this site, log in to new BRUIN, click on Career Resources, then on Career Insider.  You'll find links to other career research sites on our Career Coaching website under Career Exploration.  Information interviews, job shadowing, volunteer work and internships are also ways to learn more about your career options.  Call or email us to discuss your career research needs and questions in more detail.

Can you help me select a major?

Yes.  After helping you define your career goals, we work in partnership with your academic advisor to help you identify academic majors that will help you achieve your career goals. 

What career options/job possibilities will I have with a major in _______?

With virtually all majors, you will have a wide variety of career options available to you when you graduate.  Review the What Can I Do With a Major in . . .?  information sheets to view examples of typical opportunities associated with each of our majors.

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