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Copyright Advisory Network

Copyright Advisory Network

      What is the Copyright Advisory Network? 

   The Copyright Advisory Network is an informative copyright website located at the following URL:  According to the the Copyright Advisory Network (CAN), the purpose of the site is "to encourage librarians to discuss copyright concerns and seek feedback and advice from fellow librarians and copyright specialists."  The Network is comprised of a team from the American Library Association's Office for Information Technology Policy and from the American Library Association's Copyright subcommittee.  Some of the services offered through the Copyright Advisory Network include the following:


Forums:  Have a question about copyright?  View the bulletin board of questions about miscellaneous copyright topics from viewers and read the responses to the questions posted by the Copyright Advisory Network team.  Search specific terms within the forum by clicking the "Search" button found at the top of the page. However, you must register and log in to the forum to post a copyright question for the network team to answer.


Resources:  List of helpful copyright resources contributed by members of the Copyright Advisory Network team containing the following items:  Articles and Sites, Books, Cases, Keeping Current, Lists and Blogs, Organizations, Physical Copyright Slider, and Printable MaterialJust click on the links found under each category.


Blog:  Read the latest copyright articles on the Copyright Advisory Network's blog page.  You can even leave a comment about one of the articles if you fill out the required fields such as name and email address.  The blog is archived back to November 2005.

Useful Links:

       Copyright Statute - Cornell University Law School's webpage explaining US Code: Title 17.

       Digital Copyright Slider * NEW*- Great tool used to check the copyright status of a specific year.

       Fair Use Checklist - This checklist can also be found on the Fair Use feature page.          

       Public Domain Chart - This chart can also be found on the Public Domain feature page.