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Copyright Center: Cover Your Class with Kanopy!

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Cover Your Class with Kanopy!

Cover Your Class with...

     Are you searching for a film to use in your class and just haven’t found the right one?  Enter, Kanopy!  Kanopy is our newest film database that works a little differently from our other databases.  It uses a patron-driven approach in which we only pay for what we use.  That’s right.  Certain triggers, such as four views of a single title lasting at least 30 seconds, will generate the purchase.  So, instead of paying for each film, we still have access to the thousands of films available, but will only be charged for the ones that get viewed at least four times!

     The Kanopy database contains over 12,000+ educational videos and is growing every day.  The films cover subject areas of nearly every area imaginable and even popular films and documentaries.  Over 400 PBS titles are available, including one of their more recent series, “The Roosevelts.”  There are nearly 1,000 business films, including business case studies and films from Kantola and Criterion, to name a few.

     In addition to the plethora of films, the features are incredible.  Full public performance rights are granted with every film.  Also, each user has the ability to create a clip or a playlist (as long as you sign in with your own free account), and you can embed or link the films to your course.  About 60% of the films are closed captioned and have the transcript.  However, if you find a film without the captions and transcript but would like them, just contact us and Kanopy will make them available within 48 hours!  One other feature to point out is the information that is displayed while hovering over a film.  A brief synopsis about the film, the length of the film, and year it was produced all appear without having to click on the title.  This feature helps to display the summary before triggering a purchase.

     So, why read more about it?  Try it now!  You can access Kanopy from the A-Z Database list on the Library page.  If you have any questions about Kanopy or any other copyright-related questions, please feel free to send an email to  As always, thank you for your support!