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Library Instruction: Welcome

This guide introduces students to the library's services, contacts, research databases and tutorials.

Welcome to Library Instruction

Welcome to Library Instruction!

This course libguide introduces you to the library's resources and services in an overview. The libguide is filled with brief instructions, videos, a feedback request, a quiz and news. 

By the end of this libguide, you will have learned about the library's hours, librarian contact information, circulation policies, how to connect from off campus, search techniques and evaluation of search results. As well, you will learn of the many different resources that we have which pull everything together such as in BUILD IT and within other tutorials.

For this portion of the course libguide, we cover Hours, FAQs, How Do I/Where Is, Materials Request and Suggestion Box forms. Furthermore, we have several documents covering "What You Need to Know" based on your location.

Video Tour

24/7 Librarian

Casey Kralik
BU Freeman/Lozier Library

1000 Galvin Road South

Bellevue, NE 68005