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International Students: Crime

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Campus Security

It is the policy of Bellevue University to provide a secure, safe campus and work place for its students and employees. The University facilities are for the use of the faculty, staff and student populations of the school. Prospective students, alumni, and personnel having business with the University also may have access to these facilities. Unauthorized persons loitering in or using University facilities should be reported to a University official.

Students, faculty and staff at Bellevue University who observe or are involved in any crime or incident on campus are encouraged to report the incident to the Safety Officers as soon as possible by dialing 402-557-5000. In addition, the crime or incident may be reported to one of the following additional Campus Security Authorities:

Director of Safety 402-557-7581

Dean of Students 402-557-7744

Academic Advisors 402-293-2000

Library Personnel 402-557-7313

Director of Athletics 402-557-7050

Athletic Coaches 402-557-7058

Asst Dir Residence Life 402-557-7031

Head Residents 402-557-7250

Dir. Of Residence Life 402-557-7250

A Bellevue University Incident Report should be completed by the person receiving the report, and at that time a determination will be made as to whether any further reporting to noncampus agencies should be done. All crimes are taken seriously and will be handled professionally in a timely manner and if warranted the authorities will be involved. These include murder, non-negligent and negligent manslaughter, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, motor vehicle theft, arson and weapons, drug and liquor law violations. It also includes any hate crimes relating to the previous list of crimes as well as to the crimes of simple assault, larceny- Bellevue University Annual Safety and Fire Report 6 KCP-4623039-1 theft, intimidation and damage/destruction/vandalism to property. However, any incident will be reported to the local law enforcement authorities, if the victim so desires, and University personnel will assist the victim in making that report.

To Report a Crime

Contact Bellevue University Safety Department at 402-557-5000 (Non-Emergency), dial 911 (emergencies only), or by using the Emergency Blue telephones located in the four main parking lots. The red button is for police and the black button is for campus safety. Any suspicious activity such as a person seen in the parking lots, loitering around vehicles, or inside buildings should be reported to the Safety Department. Bellevue University Safety Department and the Bellevue Police Department have a good working relationship. Each agency augments the other within their jurisdictions during mutual investigations, arrest, and prosecutions. Bellevue University is centrally located within the city and Bellevue Police are always able to respond quickly to emergencies that occur. Both the Bellevue Police and Bellevue Fire Departments have current maps of the bird's eye view of the campus and a breakdown of all buildings at Bellevue University.

Voluntary and Confidential Reporting Procedure

Prevention of campus crime is a priority at all Bellevue University locations. All students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors are encouraged to report any crime, suspicious activity, or campus emergencies to the Safety Department. Safety Officers always have the emergency mobile phone and can be reached at (402) 557-5000. In order to enable the University to respond effectively and to stop instances of sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct involving students or employees at the University proactively, all University employees must, within 24 hours of receiving the information, report information they have about alleged or possible sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct involving students or other employees to the Title IX Coordinator with the understanding that all reports will be kept confidential to extent possible. Employees who are statutorily prohibited from reporting such information are exempt from these reporting requirements, including licensed health-care professionals with whom the University is contracted to provide services (Policy Statement PS 04). The University does not have any pastoral or professional counselors on staff.