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International Students: Medical Emergencies

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Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

1. Dial 9-911 and Ext. 557-5000. Give 9-911 and Campus Safety your exact location, i.e., building, room number, parking lot, etc. and telephone number where you can be reached.

2. Briefly describe the medical condition of the victim and, if possible, obtain the victim’s name.

3. Return to the injured party. (Do not move a seriously injured person unless it is a lifesaving situation.)

4. If possible have someone meet Campus Security or emergency medical personnel at lot or building entrance.

First Aid

1. Medical assistance is available for minor injuries call Ext. 557-5000.

2. If you require transportation or need first aid treatment at the scene, dial 9-911 and contact Campus Safety Ext 557-5000.

3. Inform your supervisor of your injury. (Supervisors must complete an Injury Report for all workrelated injuries.)