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NPMT: Required Readings

Required Readings

This course focuses on the knowledge needed to understand and apply processes for making business decisions for nonprofit organizations. Emphasis is placed on the unique relationships have with the U.S. economy. Emphasis will also be placed on critical thinking skills.

1.   Select the critical thinking models useful for successfully solving business problems.

2.   Evaluate relevant business information needed for solving a business problem.

3.   Analyze the business environment using appropriate decision making tools to develop solutions and recommendations applicable for nonprofit organizations.

       4.    Analyze the business environment and predict business opportunities and risks.

Week 1: Problem Solving

a) Problem Solving & Techniques

b) Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

c) Using Data Tools in the Public Sector

Week 2: Data Driven Outcomes to Ensure Nonprofit Accountability, Effectiveness, and Performance

a) What is Performance Management and Why Does Performance Matter?

  • Read Ch. 6 (Worth TEXT)

b) Outcomes Measurement - 

  • Phase 1: Identify Outcomes and Develop Performance Indicators
  • Phase 2: Create and Implement a Data Collection Plan
  • Phase 3: Analyze the Data

c) Analyzing Outcomes Data and Communicating Results

Week 3: Effective Operational Practices

a) Effective Practices

b) Accountability/Compliance

Week 5: Mastering the NP Environment

a) Resource Dependency

Chap 3 (Worth text)

  • p.58-72 and Case 3.2 The National Trust for Historic Preservation p.71-72

b) Compliance: