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Supply Chain & Logistics Management - Undergraduate: Week Two

Assigned Reading

Recession Marketing: Case Study – Starbucks, Brand Strategy (Mar 7, 2008): 26.  Good example of a description of a specific marketing strategy.


Robson, Matthew J. (2005). “International marketing research,” Strategic Direction 21(6), p. 30-33   A review of recent academic literature on the subject.


Kiefer Lee and Steve Carter (2009). Understanding the Global Marketing Environment. Chapter 1: Changes and New Challenges  

Wind, Yoram; Douglas, Susan P.; Perlmutter, Howard V (1973). Guidelines for Developing International Marketing Strategies. Journal of Marketing. Vol. 37 1973, pp 14-23. 


Supplemental Reading

1.      Knight, Gary A. and Cavusgil, S. Tamer (2005). “A Taxonomy of Born-Global Firms”, Management International Review 45(3), pp. 15-35.

2., “Marketing a New Business.” [ONLINE, available at] 


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