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MBA 639 (2013-14): Week One

This LibGuide contains electronic resources to support all the courses within MBA 639, including eBooks, journal articles, streaming videos, and websites. Choose the appropriate tab for your course to access the resources.

Assigned Reading

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 What's the Story? Aligning Mission, Vision, and Strategy with Your Brand. Faust, William.  Design Management Review 18. 1 (Winter 2007): 76-81,92.


Any Essays: Free Essays. Sample Essays. Essay Examples on any topics. Posted on May 10, 2011 SWOT Analysis essay example·   (REVIEW ONLY)


Essay examples of SWOT analysis from   (REVIEW ONLY)


SWOT analysis examples from (REVIEW ONLY)


Research in organizations: Foundations and methods of inquiry - Swanson, Richard A., & Holton, Elwood F.

Publication Date: 2005


REVIEW ONLY Chapters 1, 2, 19

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