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MKMC: Weekly Readings MKMC 436

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Week One

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Vide Merchants of Cool (LibGuide)
  2. Video Neuromarketing: Consumers Under the Influence  (Libguide)
  3. Read Chapter 6 in Kotler and Keller’s Marketing Management, 14th Ed.
  4. View Kotler and Keller Ch. 6 PowerPoints found in the Week 1 Assignments folder.

Additional Reading and Research:

  1. Kapoor, Avinash;. Kulshrestha, Chinmaya. (2009). Consumers' perceptions: An analytical study ofinfluence of consumer emotions and response,  Direct Marketing 3.3 186-202. (Libguide)
  2. Wilson, R. M., Gaines, J., & Hill, R. P.  Neuromarketing and consumer free willThe Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42(3 (2008)), 389-410.(LibGuide)

Week Two

Required Reading and Research

  1. Video – Science of Selling 
  2. Video The Times They are a-Changing 
  3. Read Borges, A., Babin, B. J., & Spielmann, N. (2013). Gender orientation and retail atmosphere: Effects on value perception.International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 41(7), 498-511.   (Libguide)
  4. Read Chapter 5 in Ebster, Claus, and Graus, Marian. Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying. New York, NY, USA: Business Expert Press, 2011.  (Libguide)

Additional Reading and Research  

  1. Posavac, S.. (2012) Cracking the code: Leveraging consumer psychology to drive profitability. (Libguide)

Week Three

Required Reading and Research 

  1. Video: Giving us what we want.  
  2. Read Chapter 8, pp. 212-240 in Kotler and Keller’s 2012 Marketing Management the 14th Ed.
  3. View Kotler and Keller Ch.8 PowerPoint found in the Week 3 Assignments folder.
  4. Read Riza Casidy Mulyanegara & Tsarenko, Yelena (2009)Predicting brand preferences: An examination of the predictive power of consumer personality and values in the Australian fashion marketJournal of Fashion Marketing and Management,  Volume 13, Issue 3, pp. 358-371.  (LibGuide)
  5. Read Falkenreck, C., & Wagner, R. (2010).Impact of direct marketing activities on company reputation transfer success: Empirical evidence from five different cultures.. Corporate Reputation Review, 13(1), 20-37. doi: (Libguide)

Week Four

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Read Chapter 7 in Kotler and Keller’s 2012 Marketing Management the 14th Ed.
  2. View Kotler and Keller Ch. 7 PowerPoint found in the Week 4 Assignments folder.
  3. Read Chapter 3 (pgs 60 – 84) in Fill, C., & McKee, S. (2011). Business Marketing Face to Face : The Theory and Practice of B2B. Mesa, AZ, USA: Goodfellow Publishers Limited. 
  4. Read Burger, Lisa. (2014). Four Key Influencers of B2B Buyers.  

Week Five

Required Reading and Research 

  1. Read Ch. 5 in Kotler and Keller’s 2012 Marketing Management the 14th Ed.
  2. View Kotler and Keller Ch. 5 PowerPoint found in the Week 6 Assignments folder.
  3. View The Simple Truths of Service, Inspired by Johnny the Bagger
  4. ​Video Spring: Supermarket secrets (2013). 60 min. Films On Demand

Week Six

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Read Edward C. Malthouse, M. V. (2015). The Effects of Social Media Engagement on Purchase Behaviors. . Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University.
  2. Read Topic #10, pgs. 32-34. Agresta, S., Bough, B. B., & Miletsky, J. I. (2010). Perspectives on Social Media Marketing. Boston, MA, USA: Course Technology / Cengage Learning. 
  3. View the excerpt titled “TVGla” from Generation Like. Films On Demand. Films Media Group, 2014. Web. 
  4. View Consumer Behaviors: Catherine Roe at TEDxUChicago 2012

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