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MKMC: Weekly Readings MKMC 319

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Week One - MKMC 319

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Read Chapter 1 and 2 in the required textbook for the program, Kotler and Keller’s 2012 Marketing Management the 15th edition.
  2. Review Kotler and Keller Chapters 1 & 2  PowerPoints found in the Week 1 Assignments folder.
  3. Watch the video and read the supporting analysis for SWOT, SWOT video and supporting analysis (Libguide)
  4. Marketing Planning. Films Media Group, [2005], New York, N.Y. (Libguide)
  5. Lee, S. (2000) Building balanced scorecard with SWOT analysis, and implementing "Sun Tzu's The Art of Business Management Strategies" on QFD methodology Managerial Auditing Journal,15(1/2), 68-70. (Libguide)
  6. Smith, G. (2003). Beyond critical thinking and decision-making: Teaching business students how to think.  Journal of Management Education 27. 1 24.(Libguide)

Additional Reading and Research

  1. Definition and example of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) a common business foursquare analysis, at Quick MBA.
  2. QFD explained - Johnson, Corinne N. Quality Progress36. 3 (Mar 2003): 104 (Libguide)
  3. OWL Purdue help with Problem Statements. There is a presentation, too.

Week Two - MKMC 319

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Read to Chapter 3 in Kotler and Keller’s 2012 Marketing Management the 15th Ed. 
  2. Kotler and Keller Chapter 3 PowerPoint found in the Week 2 Assignments folder.
  3. Sanders, M. & Prior, A. (Mar 2011). Putting DMAIC of Six Sigma in practiceInternational Journal of Business and Social Science2. 5 (Mar 2011). (Libguide)
  4. Read the 5 Why’s concepts from the following resources:  (Libguide)
    The Five Whys. Adams, Joan. Supply House Times51(10), Dec. 2008, 16,18.
    Determmine the Root Cause: 5 Whys - Six Sigma website

Additional Reading and Research

  1. Francis, C. (Producer), & . (2005, Mar 08). Clip 11. Cheryl Francis - lecture - corporate strategy: Cheryl Francis discusses 80-20 rule. [Video/DVD] Ithaca: Prendismo, LLC.

Week Three - MKMC 319

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Leonard, P. (Director). (2008). How to Make Better Decisions. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). (Libguide).
  2. Snee, R. (2007). Use DMAIC to make improvement part of the way we work. Quality Progress. V 40  9, p. 52-54 (Libguide)
  3. Pyzdek, T., & Keller, P. A. (2010). The Six-Sigma Handbook: A Complete Guide for Green Belts, Black Belts, and Managers at All Levels. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies.  Chapters 1-2 with 86 pages (Libguide)
  4. Elango, B., Paul, K., Kundu, S., & Paudel, S (2010) Organizational ethics, individual ethics, and ethical intentions in international decision-making. Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 97 I 4, p543-561 DOI:10.1007/s10551-010-0524-z. (Libguide)

Additional Reading and Research

  1. Mobile App Research and Planning [electronic resource (video)] (Libguide)

Week Four - MKMC 319

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Ash, E. (Producer). (2012). Making Decisions [Video file]. Seven Dimensions. (Libguide)
  2. The Spill. (2013, c2010).  Films Media Group. New York, N.Y. (LibGuide)
  3. Quantitative and Qualitative and Heuristics (LibGuide)
  4. Levesque, J., Walker, H F. (July, 2007). The Innovation process and quality tools. Quality Progress 40. 7 (Jul 2007): 18-22. The seven quality tools: 1. affinity diagram, 2. relations diagram, 3. tree diagram, 4. process decision program chart, 5. Arrow diagram, 6. matrix diagram, and 7. matrix data analysis. (LibGuide)
  5. Kourdi, J. (2011). Effective Decision Making: 10 Steps to Better Decision Making and Problem Solving. London: Marshall Cavendish Business. Ch. 1-3,  pages 1-61. (Libguide)

Additional Reading and Research

  1. Owl Purdue provides guidelines for writing a report.

Week Five - MKMC 319

Required Reading and Research

  1. Video: Counterproductive Decision Making. From Title: Arsenic and Old Lace: A Study in Turnaround Management (Libguide)
  2. Video. Word Problem Solving Strategies (Libguide)
  3. Kourdi, J. (2011). Effective Decision Making: 10 Steps to Better Decision Making and Problem Solving. London: Marshall Cavendish Business. Ch. 6-8 pages 102-141. (Libguide)
  4. Brady, D., & Gougoumanova, Z. (2011). An analysis of the "core" decision process of the Hunt and Vitell model of ethical decision making in marketing. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 4, 1-18. (Libguide)
  5. J.R.C. Pimentel, Kuntz, J. R., & Elenkov, D. S. (2010). Ethical decision-making: An integrative model for business practice. European Business Review, 22(4), 359-376. doi: (Libguide)‚Äč

Week Six - MKMC 319

 Required Reading and Research:

  1. Read Chapter 1 in Cherunilam, F. (2010). Elements of Business Environment. Mumbai, IND: Himalaya Publishing House. (LibGuide)
  2. Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Bolland, E., & Fletcher, F. (Eds.). (2012). Solutions : Business Problem Solving. Abingdon, GBR: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. (LibGuide)
  3. View video “Innovate or Die” (LibGuide)

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