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MKMC: Weekly Readings MKMC 309

Click on the course tabs below for resources relevant to that course.

Week One

Reading and Research

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Video: Purdue Online Writing Lab, APA vidcast series (Libguide & website)
  2. Blanchard, K. (1992). Business etiquette. Executive Excellence, 9(12), 20. (Libguide)
  3. Video: Anna Post. “Professionalism in the 21st  Century” (90 minutes)
  4. Video:Ask the Techies: Email Etiquette” found in the Libguide, Streaming Video Tab​

Additional Reading and Research:

  1. Pincus, M. (1999). Everyday business etiquette. Women in Business, 51(3), 36-39. (Libguide)
  2. Lederman, M.  2012. The 11 laws of likability: Relationship networking-- because people do business with people they like - (Libguide) Ch. 7-11, pages 130-214. (Libguide)
  3. Review training as needed at, MS Word 2013 Tutorials or MS Word 2010 Tutorials – Chose the appropriate one as needed.
  4. Review “Create Your First Word Documents, Parts 1 & 2”, (Libguide, Websites Tab) 
  5. Review Purdue Online Writing Lab  APA Guidelines:

Week Two

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Memorandum format found at OWL Purdue
  2. The McGraw-Hill 36-hour course: Business writing and communication - Davis, K. (2010). Chapters 1 – 4, p 1-97 (Libguide)
  3. Forsyth, P. (2009). Effective business writing – Ch. 1, 2 & 5  (Libguide)
  4. Carvalho, J.B. (2002) Developing audience awareness in writing. Journal of Research in Reading. Vol. 25 Issue 3, p 271-282, (12p.) – Libguide
  5. Purdue OWL Tone in Business Writing
  6. Purdue OWL Revision in Business Writing

Additional Reading and Research:

  1. The AMA handbook of business documents: Guidelines and sample documents that make business writing easy - Wilson, K., Wauson, Jennifer Publication Date: 2011. pp. 85-86. (Libguide)

Week Three

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Funk, T. (2011). Social Media Playbook for Business : Reaching Your Online Community with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and More. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger. (Libguide) – Review Chapters 1 & 2.
  2. Myers, Greg. Discourse of Blogs and Wikis. London, GBR: Continuum International Publishing, 2009. – Review Chapters 1 & 2 (Libguide)
  3. View VideoBusiness Etiquette for the Digital Age”, (Libguide)
  4. Broida, Rick.(2013). How to Use Skype to Help Your Business. PC World. Vol. 31 Issue 2, p29-30.
  5. Writing Business Reports - a tip sheet from Colorado State University .

Additional Reading and Research

  1., MS PowerPoint Tutorials as needed: PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2010

Week Four

Requirred Reading and Research

  1. Adding Narration to a Presentation
  2. Presentation technology tips. (2000). New Zealand Management, 47(6), 1. (Libguide)
  3. Funk, T. (2011). Social Media Playbook for Business : Reaching Your Online Community with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, & More. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger. (Libguide) Ch. 8.
  4. Video Killer Presentation Skills”, (Libguide) (8 min.)
  5. See the White paper 25 slide PPT from OWL
  6. White paper information found atPurdue OWL

Week Five

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Dyer, W. G., & Dyer, J. H. (2013). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance. US: Jossey Bass Ltd. Part One. Pages 1-126. (Libguide)
  2. VideoTeamwork and Collaboration(Libguide)
  3. VideoTeamwork: Survival Camp”, (Libguide)
  4. Read the Blogspot tutorial and set up your own Blog on Blogspot or Blogger:

Additional Reading and Research

  1. Carson, M. (2014, December 02). How to Write a Blog Post in Just 30 Minutes. Entrepreneur. 

Week Six

Required Reading and Research:

  1. Hill, K. (2012). A (Hopefully Needless) Reminder That Skype Conversations On Your Work Computer Aren't Very Private. Forbes..
  2. Sicilian, R., (2014). 7 Social Media Security Tips To Protect Your Business. Forbes.
  3. Stanton, J. M., & Stam, K. R. (2006). Visible Employee : Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets - Without Compromising Employee Privacy or Trust. Medford, NJ, USA: Information Today, Inc. Chapters 1-4.  80 pgs.
  4. OWL Purdue provides information and examples on Writing the Basic Business Letter

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