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MBA 605: Human Capital: Self-Development and Communication: Implicit Psychological Capital Questionnaire

This Libguide is for MBA 605: Human Capital: Self-Development and Communication.

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Implicit Psychological Capital Questionnaire

Scoring Instructions:  Average your 12 (twelve) responses
(four responses for each of the three stories) to calculate your psychological capital.



Your task is to invent stories about the people in the statements below. Try to imagine what is going on. Think about what happened before, who the characters are, what they are thinking and feeling, what will happen next, and how will the story end. You don’t need to write the story down, just think about it until it is clear in your mind. Then respond to the following questions using your own thoughts about what the character is thinking and feeling. Plan to spend around 2-4 minutes per story. There are no right or wrong stories. Imagine whatever kind of story you like.

Story Prompts

1. Someone has a new job

2. Someone talks to their supervisor

3. Someone makes a mistake at work


1. Feeling confident and self-assured in their ability

2. Believing that they can accomplish their goal

3. Believing that they can bounce back from any setbacks that have occurred

4. Expecting good things to happen in the future

Response Scale

Rate the degree to which the character in your story thinks or feels this using the following scale:

+3 Very true of this character

+2 Somewhat true of this character

+1 Slightly true of this character

0 Irrelevant thought/feeling for this character

-1 The opposite is slightly true of this character

-2 The opposite is somewhat true of this character

-3 The opposite is very true of this character