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Library Policy Statements: Audio-Visual Circulation Policy

A listing of library policy and procedure statements.

Audio-Visual Circulation Policy

Audio-Visual Circulation Policy


Libraries have always had to decide who can borrow audio-visual materials, what audio-visual materials will be lent and for how long, and what will happen when someone does not return borrowed audio-visual materials on time. These three components of the circulation operation, the identification of audio-visual materials, patrons, and transactions, combines with the fines and fee structure, make up the areas requiring policy decisions.  


The Freeman/ Lozier Library is accountable for its inventory. This accountability is transferred to the borrower at the time audio-visual material is checked out and remains with the borrower until the audio-visual material is both returned and the check-in transaction is completed. While the audio-visual materials are checked out to a borrower the financial responsibility and accountability for the property lies with the borrower. Furthermore, when we speak of audio-visual material throughout this policy it includes any and all materials except videotapes (and separate policy exists for videotapes).


1.       Bellevue University students, Faculty, and Staff.

2.       Bellevue University Alumni.

3.       Community Users.

4.       Reciprocal Borrowers.

General Borrowing Regulations:

1.       Patrons must present a valid University identification card in order to withdraw materials. In cases of forgotten or lost cards, patrons must show photo identification to withdraw materials if they are already in our system. There are no exceptions for patrons who are not already barcoded.

2.       Borrowing privileges are not transferable.

3.       All audio-visual material checked out is subject to recall and must be returned by the specified date.

4.       Borrowers are responsible for audio-visual materials checked out until it is returned to the library.

5.        Videos and DVD’s and other audio-visual items can be renewed once for 7 days, if a hold has not been placed on the item (exceptions are made for administrative staff and faculty).

6.       Maximum number of audio-visual materials that may be checked out in combination with books is three. Student can have a total fifteen items checked out at a time (except for faculty and staff).

7.       Audio-visual materials should always be returned to the circulation desk and never placed in the outside bookdrop.

Loan Periods:

1.       Audio-tapes, music CD’s, and kits are checked out to students, Bellevue University faculty and staff, community users, alumni, and reciprocal borrowers for seven days, and can be renewed once for seven days.



Bellevue University students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community users may reserve audio-visual materials at the circulation desk and patrons will be notified upon receipt of returned material.


Overdue Audio-Visual Materials and Fines:

1.       A fine of $1.00 per day is charged for each overdue audio-visual material with the maximum fine per item being $50.00.

2.       First notice of an overdue audio-visual material is sent when the item is one day overdue.

3.       Second notice of and overdue audio-visual material is sent one week after the first notice.

4.       Third notice of an overdue audio-visual material is sent two weeks after the first notice.

5.       Final notice of an overdue audio-visual material is sent three weeks after the first notice.

6.       Invoices are sent for overdue audio-visual material one month after the first notice or for fines totaling more than $10.00.

Lost or Damaged Audio-Visual Materials:

1.       Lost or damaged audio-visual materials must be paid for or replaced by the borrower.

2.       Patrons are billed for lost audio-visual materials plus a processing fee for each item. When materials are reported lost, fines will not be accrued for that date. Materials are billed as followed:

            a.       Titles in Print

                              i.      Price of material, plus $15.00 processing fee.

            b.      Titles Out of Print

                              i.      $65.00 plus $15.00 processing fee.

            c.       Damaged Material

                              i.      Charged at the cost of restoration or replacement.

3.       Credits and refunds for returned audio-visual materials which have been billed are subject to limitations based on the length of time the materials have been overdue.

            a.       Patrons who return materials within six months of payment will receive a refund of the cost of the material only.

            b.      Patrons who return material within one year of payment will receive a refund of half of the material only.

            c.       Patrons who return material after one year from the time of payment will not receive a refund.

Copyright Laws and Fair Use Guidelines:

It is our policy to conform and adhere to existing United States Copyright laws and to maintain the highest possible ethical standards in our use of copyrighted materials for instructional purposes. Copies of the law and guidelines are available in the library.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges:

1.       Borrowers who have not retuned overdue audio-visual materials and/ or have fines outstanding will have their borrowing privileges temporarily suspended until account is cleared.

2.       Exceptions to this policy are granted only with the permission of the Library Director.


Effective date: April 20, 1998

Revised date: July 16, 1999

Revised date: August 19, 2010

Revised date: July 30, 2012