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Library Procedure Statements: Lost Kindle Procedure

A listing of library procedures

Lost Kindle Procedure




To ensure the circulating collection remains current and accurate, the library must take appropriate action to recover loaned Kindles or seek financial restitution.



Lost kindle charges are assessed when a borrower:


1.         Declares a Kindle and/or Case lost

2.         Has an overdue Kindle for more than 4 weeks

3.         Has damaged or mutilated the Kindle and/or Case beyond repair


Process for the Billing of Kindles:


1.      Patrons are billed for a lost Kindle, Kindle Case, Kindle Warranty plus a processing fee. When materials are reported lost, overdue fines will stop accruing from that date. Kindles are billed as followed:

A. Lost/Damaged/or Four weeks overdue

Patron is charged the cost of replacement for the Kindle, Kindle Case, and Kindle

Warranty, plus a $15.00 processing fee.


2.       If a checked out Kindle has been stolen, it is the responsibility of the patron to contact the appropriate authorities (Bellevue Police Department or the Bellevue University Security Office) to file a police report.  Filing a police report does not release the patron from the obligation of paying replacement costs for the Kindle.


3.      Patrons may keep the damaged material once paid for; however damaged Kindles that are returned to the library will only be kept for two weeks before being discarded.


4.      Credits and refunds for returned Kindles which have been billed are subject to limitations based on the length of time the materials have been overdue.


A.     Patrons who return the Kindle and Kindle Case in good condition within three months of payment will only receive a refund of half the cost of the Kindle, Kindle Case and Kindle Warranty. The $15.00 processing fee will not be refunded.


B.     Patrons who return the Kindle after three months from the time of payment will not receive a refund.


5.      Grades, transcripts and/or diplomas are withheld at the time the student’s account has been charged for either an overdue Kindle and/or Case; fines not paid, or lost/damaged Kindles and/or Case.


6.      Any borrower who considers she/he has been penalized unjustly may follow the normal channels of appeal within the Library by contacting the Senior Director, Library Services. Appeals for charges must be received in writing within 90 days of the billing date.

Effective Date: April 15, 2013

Revised Date: September 20, 2013