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Library Policy Statements: Laptop Charging Station

A listing of library policy and procedure statements.

Laptop Charging Station Policy

Laptop Charging Station Policy


1. Two laptops complete with power cords and bags will be stored for check-out at the Reference desk.

2. Ten laptops with power cords are stored without bags in the charging station currently located in the work area by the staff copier.

3. A key for the locked cabinet is stored at the Circulation Desk.

4. If more than two laptops are needed for checkout, you can remove laptops with their charging cords from the cabinet.

5. We will not charge the two laptops regularly stored at Circulation. The machiene can charge as it is being used (and plugged in).

6. When done with the machine, please replace the laptop in the correct slot (machines and slots are numbered) and be sure to plug in the power cord so the machine will be fully charged.

7. Lock the cabinet and return the key to the Circulation Desk.


Bulk Laptop Need:

1. If you need to use a number of laptops at the same time, please send the Systems Librarian a courtesy notification.

2. When ready to use the laptops, secure the cabinet key, unplug the cabinet, and move it to the necessary location.

3. Upon return, plug the cabinet back in and return the key.


March 21, 2011