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Library Policy Statements: Reserve and E-Reserves Policy

A listing of library policy and procedure statements.

Reserve and E-Reserves Policy

Reserves and E-Reserves Policy


To provide access to resources specifically for Bellevue University classes in print and electronic formats.  Full-time or adjunct faculty may, in accordance with library procedures and copyright guidelines, place print or electronic items on reserve for student use.


Faculty Considerations and Criteria for Print Reserves:

  1. The reserve collection is designed to serve the needs of students and faculty by more effectively controlling access to materials in special demand for class assignments.  Material is placed in the reserve collection at faculty request and circulation is limited to 2 hours
  2. All materials placed on reserve are subject to compliance with Copyright Law.  Please view Bellevue University Library’s Copyright Center available at for additional copyright information.
  3. Reserve material should be supplied by the instructor.
  4. Reserve material may include:
    1. Library books, government documents, and personal or departmental copies.
    2. Photocopies of journal articles.
    3. Exams, lecture notes, problem sets, etc.
  5. A completed reserve request form must be filled out by the course instructor, and must accompany all materials in order for the items to be placed on reserve. Forms are available at the Circulation Desk.
  6. Reserve materials are removed according to faculty specifications or at the end of each term unless otherwise noted.
  7. The Circulation Assistant will notify faculty members immediately if reserve items are missing.

Student Considerations and Criteria for Print Reserves:

  1. Students should request no more than two items at a time by specifying the instructor name, course name or number, and material type.
  2. Cost for photocopying materials is the sole responsibility of the student and must comply with the 1976 Copyright Law.
  3. Reserve items cannot leave the Library area. Exceptions can only be made with the verbal or written permission of the faculty member and/or Senior Director, Library Services.
  4. If a student’s use of a reserve material exceeds the maximum time allotted and another student needs the material, the Library staff reserves the right to recall the item immediately.
  5. Students may place a hold on material currently in use by speaking with the Circulation Assistant.
  6. Students are allowed one renewal per rental period, provided no others are waiting for the material.
  7. Students who damage or lose reserve materials may be charged for its replacement.
  8. Students who do not return material by the time designated are subject to a fine of $1.00/hour, with the maximum fine being $15.00/day.



Effective Date:  June 16, 1997

Revised:  January 27, 1998, March 21, 2005,

                       February 19, 2014, August 5, 2016