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Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Cluster (IGEN 317, 318, 319): Streaming Videos

Use the tabs and their subpages below to assist you in finding appropriate resources for your topics in order to complete your research assignments.

Quick Links

Films on Demand and NBC Learn Higher Ed

Films on Demand provides instantaneous access to streaming films from sources such as  Films for the Humanities and Sciences and Cambridge Educational.  Hundreds of films are available from a variety of general subject areas: Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics, Health & Medicine, Technical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Career & Job Search, and Guidance & Counseling.

NBC Learn HIgher Ed provides access to its archives, containing thousands of videos, historic newsreels, primary source documents, and photographs.  Use the search box or choose from one of the categories on the left.

Find films by entering keywords related to your topic into the search box. Another option is to click on one of the general subject areas to display a detailed list of subtopics.  Click on the one that interests you to access the available films.

You will be prompted for your BU login to view these films from off campus.

NBC Learn Higher Ed Videos

Better communication needed between the sexes in the workplace

Diversity training at the Civil Rights Museum


Films on Demand Videos  

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