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Valuation: Books at Other Libraries

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Books at Other Libraries

Even if the Bellevue University Library does not have the book you need, you still have options to obtain it from another library. The following two boxes contain a list of suggested books from libraries in Nebraska and outside Nebraska that are not currently held by the Bellevue University Library.

WorldCat is a good place to search for other books not currently found in the Bellevue University Library Collection. Use the Subject Headings in the box to the right to help locate books on this subject. You will need to log in to use this database from off campus.

Nebraska Libraries

Reciprocal Borrowing. The academic libraries in Nebraska have reciprocal borrowing privileges with each other.  Bellevue University students may use their current student ID card to check out books directly from other college and university libraries in Nebraska.. There is no charge for this service.  If you prefer, or live out of the area, these books may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Libraries outside Nebraska

Interlibrary Loan. You may use the Interlibrary Loan service to borrow books not owned by Bellevue Universtiy Library, whether they are owned by Nebraska Libraries or libraries outside Nebraska.  Fill out the ILL Form and submit.  There is a small fee of $1.00 per book for this service if picked up in the library; add another $1.00 for postage if mailed.  Allow 7-10 days for the book to arrive.