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Tutor Service: FaQ

If you need help, check out this guide!
Tutoring is the most effective when started at the beginning of the term. However at any time during the semester that one thinks one needs help, one can schedule an appointment.
Tutor Centers are located on Main Campus in the Library and at the Lozier Professional Center in West Omaha.
Illustrated directions can be found here.
Students must create a WCONLINE account that is separate from BRUIN, but the email address/username and password can be the same.
The number of sessions students are able to use tutoring services is unlimited.
Exception: Tutoring services are not available for college credit granting exams such as SAM, CLEP, or DSST.
You can schedule your session for thirty or sixty minutes.
Sessions are limited to one hour to allow students time to apply the concepts covered during their session without the assistance of a tutor.
The system only allows a two week schedule, so students can schedule two weeks on advance on a regular basis.
Contact Tutoring and Study Skills Project Manager Rachael Davis for more information at
Accounts are automatically disabled after the second time a student does not cancel an appointment prior to two hours of his/her appointment. To have it reset contact the Tutoring and Study Skills Program Manager, Rachael Davis at 402-557-7426.
  • Attend class.
  • Take notes during class lecture.
  • Read assigned material.
  • Try homework problems.
  • Bring relevant material.
  • Actively participate in the session:
    • Taking notes during the session to refer to later.
    • Asking questions for clarification.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the content covered during the session.
Tutors explain concepts using examples similar to your homework. Unless instructed differently, tutors will only assist with practice problems from within the applicable chapter.
Please note: Tutors will not assist with graded homework, take home exams and or quizzes, or nor will they review individual and/or group projects. Asking for assistance is a violation of BU’s Academic Honesty Policy.
Adobe Connect is an online collaborative platform. Connect allows users to share screens and documents.
Adobe Connect is an online option for tutors to meet with an individual or a group of students enrolled in the same course.
We offer tutoring sessions through Skype. Online students are required to make a Skype appointment. Some appointments are also available over the phone.
Your instructor must grant permission for you to utilize tutoring services. Your instructor will need to send an email to with the approved non-textbook item attached. This process must be followed for each and every non-textbook item.
Students can send an email to asking what other resources are available.
Instructors are not automatically notified of students who utilized tutoring services.
If you are absolutely sure your classmate will give you 100% accurate information, you may decide to ask your classmate's help. Bellevue University tutors already have passed the class and they have met the requirements to become a tutor.
Contact Rachael Davis at for information.