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Organizational Behavior/Human Capital: Tips and Tutorials

Students' guide to resources. Use the tabs and their subpages below to assist you in finding appropriate resources for your topics in order to complete your research assignments.

How to find articles

Searching Tips

Simple Search

One way to find library resources is federated search, which means you can search multiple databases with one Simple Search.  Not only can you search more than one database at a time, you can also find different types of resources, such as books, articles, and electronic books without repeating your search.  This can be a real timesaver.  Not every database is compatible with this type of search, but most of them are.  You will find a Simple Search box about halfway down the library homepage.

To access Academic Search Premier, click on Complete Database List located at the bottom of  the library homepage.  When the list is displayed, scroll down to EBSCOhost, and Click on Academic Search Premier.  If you are off-campus, you must log into the databases first, then click on Complete Database List.


EBSCOhost provides a number of databases, some geared toward specific subject areas, which contain access to periodicals.  You may search all the databases within EBSCOhost at once, or just choose those that will most likely fit your needs.  A good place to start is Academic Search Premier, an EBSCOhost database which covers a broad range of disciplines. Identify your search terms and enter them in the Find box, using the Boolean connector andFrom the limiters in the Refine Search box below, select Full Text before clicking on Search.  You also have other options available, such as searching only scholarly journals.


With the Basic Search you will need to enter a search term or phrase and with the autocomplete feature you can select one of the suggestions provided.  Right below the search box, you have the options to limit your results to Full Text and/or Scholarly Journals.

The Advanced Search allows you to use multiple search terms and you can also select a field to search in.


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