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Copyright Center: NBC Archives on Demand (FY 10-11)

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NBC Archives on Demand

"NBC Archives on Demand"

       As e-learning and technology is becoming an essential component in course curriculum these days, so is the demand for streaming media.  Therefore, the Bellevue University Library would like to introduce NBC Archives on Demand.   In July, the Library purchased this streaming video subscription brought to you by NBC Learn.  NBC Archives on Demand provides access to thousands of NBC News clips, historic newsreels, primary sources documents, and photographs dating back 80+ years and also new newscasts and videos being added literally every day.   

   NBC Archives on Demand allows users to search or browse one of the listed collections and displays content on a “Cue Card” – which acts as a video player, image and document viewer, and flash card all in one.  After clicking on the thumbnail image of the content you wish to view, the cue card automatically opens and begins to play.  One feature of this cue card includes flip technology which allows you to “flip” the card over for additional information such as:  General Information (including source, creator, copyright year, air/publish date, and clip length), Description, Keywords, and a Link to the card.  Besides the “flip” feature, the cue card can easily be moved around the screen and resized for full-screen viewing.  However, one feature that may be of more significant interest is the “Transcript” availability.  By clicking the transcript link on the right side of the cue card, the full transcript slides open which can then be copied and pasted, as well as printed by using the print link along the bottom of the cue card.  When printing, all the information (General Information, Description, Keywords, Link, and Transcript) from the cue card can be printed directly from the .html page that opens or printed as a .PDF document.

     There are many other features available through NBC Archives on Demand so feel free to browse this subscription to discover more.  In addition, the Standalone and Blackboard versions are both available, which enables videos to be added easily to courses within Blackboard.  Please see the directions below on how to successfully add NBC Archives on Demand content to your course.  Otherwise, NBC Learn would love to show you a demo of this product and answer any questions you may have in a live webinar training session, so sign-up if you are interested!  As always, thank you for supporting the Bellevue University Library and Copyright Center.  Please feel free to contact the Library should you have questions about NBC Archives on Demand or other library services or resources.