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How to Find Company and Industry Information: Industry Information

This guide will assist you in locating company information using library resources.

How to Locate

Industry Information can be found in library databases. especially OneSource Business and Key Business Ratios. Other business databases may have industry information as well.

All of these can be accessed from the Databases page in the Find menu on the library homepage.  You will be prompted for your BU login.

Website for Industry Information

Key Business Ratios

Industry benchmark data is provided by Dun & Bradstreet. It features 14 key business ratios for public and private companies in 800 lines of business. 

  • For Industry information, select one of the tabs at the top, Reports or Ratios, then click on Industry just below the tabs.
  • Use the drop-down menus to locate the SIC number; the Line of Business and the NAICS code will  automatically fill in.
  • Reports will display data for the last five years.
    • The ratios table below represents industry averages for the chosen industry.
    • The upper portion of the report is organized by Industry Quartiles
    • The lower portion of the report displays Median Variance information for the individual ratios.
    • Click on Company under the tabs, to find companies in the selected industry.
  • Ratios will display data for business performance by solvency, efficiency, or profitability. 
    • Note. You will have to select your industry again by SIC or NAICS using the drop down menus. Each time you choose a different business performance options, you will have to select the industry code again.


OneSource Business

There are two ways to start your search for industry information in OneSource Business: the industries Quick Search  box on the homepage, or by clicking on Industries in the navigation bar at the top of the page..

Industries link in the navigation bar. Choose either "Industry Search" or "Browse by Industry"

  • Industry Search gives you more options to start your search than the quick search box.  You may choose your source, search by industry activity or industry description, and  control the number of results you get. 
  • Browse by Industry - select the source (classification system) you prefer, then click on the industry that matches your needs.

Industries Quick Search Box. Enter a keyword, industry activity, or industry code. The most exact search will be one where you search by an industry code, such as the NAICS number. If you do not know the code, enter a keyword, for example "computers." Some of the results may seem irrelevant or disorganized at first glance. Look to the Sectors and Industries to the left and click on the one that best fits your needs.This list will most likely be more helpful. 

However you search, a table will display this information:

  • Source.  By default it is set to NAICS classification, but you may choose from other classification systems, including European, UK, Australian, and International.
  • Code. The numbers assigned to the industry and its sub-industries.
  • Industry Description
  • Industry Activity - this can be hidden if desired
  • OneSource Industry - corresponding industry as classified by OneSource

Click on either the industry code or the corresponding OneSource Industry to display a detailed industry report: organized into these areas:

Profile. This includes:

  • Industry Summary. This page provides an industry description, summary of industry activities, links to  market research reports from various countries, a list of companies that are top industry participants, recent news stories about the industry, and geographic segmentation.from several,regions.
  • Industry Activities and Products. A much more complete list of all the activities included in this industry
  • Industry Family starting with the major industry through sub-industries. These are clickable and will link you to specific information for all industries and sub-indsusries listed.

Market Research. A number of research reports are available. Click on the one you want to read, then use the "Location" menu on the right above the list of reports to narrow it down to a country.  These reports include::

  • Marketline Industry Reports
  • Euromonitor Industry Profiles
  • EMO Industry Reports
  • Freedonia Focus Reports
  • RMA Industry Norms
  • STAT-USA Reports

Analysis. The market reports will usually provide some analysis of the market but other choices here include:

  • Latest news stories
  • Analysts Reports
  • Peer analysis

Small Business Reference Center

Click on Industry Information by Small Business Type under Browse by Category. Click on one of the industries listed.  You may then choose "Articles" or "Industry Information." The industry reports are specific o NAICS  code, very detailed (at least 90 pages to over 200),  and current.