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How to Find Company and Industry Information: LexisNexis Academic

This guide will assist you in locating company information using library resources.

How to Locate

LexisNexis Academic Universe is a full-text database whose Business interface provides access to over 80 million company profiles from sources such as Hoover's, Nelson's Public Company Profiles, and others. 

It can be accessed from the Databases page under the Find menu on the library homepage.  You will be prompted for your BU login.

For more information on how to use the LexisNexis Academic database, see the LexisNexis LibGuide.  

Company Information

Start with the Get Company Info  box at the bottom of the homepage

Get Company Info
Use this box to quickly get information on a company. Click on the arrow to expand the box then enter a company name or ticker; click on it when the results list comes up. An overview, or Snapshot, of the company containing basic information about it will be displayed; use the tabs across the top and the menu on the left to access more detailed information.

  • Current News - displays a selection of current news items related to the company
  • Company Information expands to include information on brands, competitors, company hierarchy, and executives.
    • Brands - lists Target proprietary brands, with information about the trademark
    • Competitors - a long list of competitors with links to company reports.
    • Company Hierarchy - lists subsidiaries with links to company reports
    • Executives - an extensive list of company executives, their title and contact information
  • Financial Overview of the annual figures for the last three years which includes assets, liabilities, income, cash flow, balance sheet, ratio analysis, stock information, and products
  • SEC Filings - several types of filings depending on the company
  • Company Reports - click to access additional company reports from various sources
  • Company Activities - includes information on Mergers and Acquisitions and the Corporation Worldwide, if applicable.
  • Investment Research -analyst Reports from various sources.
  • News - company news from various sources, including newspapers, magazines, and transcripts; can be grouped by topic.
  • Legal - information about recent legal cases
  • Intellectual Property, including patents and trademarks

Generate Report
Use the tab at the top to generate a custom report from the items you select from the areas above

Company Dossier
This tool can be accessed from the bottom of the Get Company Info box on the homepage. Use the tabs across the top to gather and use information about a company.

  • Company tab
    • Find a Company. Click on this to access the same company information as detailed above. It also allows you to search for information about the various types of companies within the company family, or to search for by location, state, province, or country.
    • Create a Company List. Specify the attributes of the companies you are looking for from the drop down menus, then click "Create" to see a list of companies that match your criteria.
    • Compare Companies. The report will compare balance sheet, income statement, and ratio information for up to 5 companies that are listed on one of the US stock exchanges. By default, balance sheet and income statement information will be displayed in the currency that the company reports to the SEC.
  • Executive tab
    • Find an Executive - enter the name of the executive you are looking for,then select the sources you wish to receive information from: Executive Profile, All News, Negative News, SEC filings, Congressional Testimony United States Case Information, and Commonwealth & Irish Case Information.
    • Create an Executive List - add information and select options to generate a list of executives that meet the criteria
  • Industry tab -
    • Search by industry name or, for more exact results, SIC code
    • A list of companies in this industry will come up with the top companies, by sales, at the top..
    • Top companies have data for net sales, total assets, total liabilities, cost of goods sold, and net income 
    • All companies have this data: P/E, EPS, return on sales, return on assets, return on equity, debt/inequity, current ration, quick ration, inventory turnover, and receivables turnover.  Links to all company reports are provided.

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