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Library Database Information: A to Z World Business

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A to Z World Business

A to Z World Business

A Bellevue University library Guide

What is A to Z World Business?
A to Z World Business features 100 Country Business Guides of 120 topics each, in addition to 77 global market tools that cover subjects like business formation, import/export, compliance, and taxation.

How to access A to Z World Business 
Mouse over Find on the library homepage then click on Databases. Now click on the letter "A" then click on A to Z World BusinessIf off campus, you will be prompted for your BU login. Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them until you close your browser.

From off campus, proceed as above. You will be prompted for your BU login when you click on any database on the list.  Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them, until you close your browser.


Where Do You Want to Go? - Choose a Country Business Guides on the left or choose a Trade Tools on the right. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and search for articles by typing in a term and select all countries or use the drop down box to select a country. Select a language other than English if you want.  

Country Business Guides  - Each guide features the following information on each country. Each category has subtopics under them; for example: click on overviews and you can choose from the following subtopics: trade overview, business overview, country snapshot, and country facts.
  • overviews
  • business culture
  • business information
  • business travel
  • communications
  • country profile
  • culture
  • embassies and consulates
  • export
  • history
  • import
  • investment climate
  • language translation
  • maps
  • media outlets
  • money and banking
  • names
  • seaports
  • security briefing
  • taxation
  • trade
Trade Tools - Select from one of the tools below. Some of the tools have further resources for you to us; for example, click on air transport and you can choose from the following: cargo aircraft, air freight containers, world airport IATA codes, world airports information, and airline codes.
acronyms & abbreviations                                                         international dialing tools
air transport                                                                                international payments
basics of international trade                                                       measurement converter
business entities                                                                        NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
computer terms                                                                          ocean transport
country codes                                                                             railcars
currencies of the world                                                               resources for international trade
dictionary of international trade A-Z                                           security
e-books short course series                                                       sourcing guide
exporting from the USA                                                              trade terms in 8 languages
importing to the USA                                                                  weights and measures
Insurance, Guide to Cargo
Printing - Click on the print icon at the bottom of your document.
Tip -  Click on "Select another Country" to return to the homepage.

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